Thursday, April 30, 2009

i want i want i want

how precious are these?? they would look super cute in my room if i was allowed to spend money right now. :) Someone please buy them!

Found here in Alyssa Ettinger Design's Etsy Shop

Also to those interested: I have named my new foster dog Sam - poor guy is pretty sick right now so let's hope we get some good news tomorrow at the vet.

i want this to be my day today

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Foster Dog Needs a Name!

I picked up Foster Dog #3 today after work and he is absolutely precious!

For those of you that don't know me - I am currently on Foster Dog #3 with the Grateful Golden Rescue of the Low Country. The story behind why I am doing this (besides just being an animal lover) is I started volunteering for the Charleston Animal Society about 4 years ago when I first moved to Charleston and I am now obsessed with spending time with shelter dogs. I take pictures of the adoptable dogs at CAS for their website and volunteer for probably 85% of their events. What dog lover wouldn't want to go to PetFest and show off adoptable puppies while checking out all the other happy dogs that already have wonderful homes? AND this is how I met my precious Madigan.

Maddie was found tied up in a plastic bag with two puppies on the side of the road. Literally tied up and on the side of the road. Who does that? Hard to believe but it happens ALL the time. They weren't sure if the pups were hers or not but if they were she was entirely too young to have had them. All survived and were adopted out. Maddie was 9 lbs when they found her and lived in a foster home until she doubled her weight. She had mange and was in terrible shape (see picture). She was definitely only cute to me and my roomie. I am so very thankful that CAS took her in and that someone had the patience to foster such a sweet but very neurotic dog and therefore I am now a foster.

My first foster dog was Mr Coco which I had for over 3 months because he had a tumor removed while under my care. I fell in love and still can't believe I was able to adopt him out. As much as I loved Coco I knew I wouldn't be able to foster any others if I kept him. So off he went to a wonderful home on James Island with a huge backyard and goes to work with his dad every day.

Foster Dog #2 was Jonah. Now precious Jonah was a handful. He was super cute and about as sweet as they come but boy he sure did have energy. I only had Jonah for about 2 weeks and had to find a new foster home for him. Not only did he have lots of energy but he was super skittish. I have worked very hard at socializing Maddie and it took only a couple days for her to revert back to her old ways while around Jonah. He now lives on IOP and has two dogs to play with! Oh yeah - as you can see he was definitely a golden mix!

So now Foster Dog #3 needs a name....any ideas???

Must watch

I just found this video on someone's blog and it is fantastic. I could watch it over and over and over again...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Maddie - Enjoy it while you can

Posting a picture of my sweet Maddie Moo enjoying her new deer bone that was a gift. Also something cool I found on Barkability tonight...too cute! Click on the picture for more info or to purchase.

Probably getting Foster Dog #3 tomorrow so hope Maddie enjoys her peace and quiet tonight. He is coming from a high kill shelter in Saluda. He is about 2 years old and around 40 lbs so obviously a golden mix. More on him tomorrow and more on Grateful Golden Rescue of the Low Country.

Yes, I now have a Neti Pot

I know I am a little behind at getting this blog up and running but I have something that I just have to tell you about. I went to the doctor this past Friday because of a horrendous headache that I keep getting on the right side of my face. Makes me feel like my eyes, nose and teeth are all about to pop out of my face! I was told that my sinus cavities are impacted and among steroids, etc I was told to get a Neti Pot. Now - I don't know if you have ever heard of a Neti Pot before or not but let me just say that as soon as my doctor suggested it I could not stop laughing. THIS is why...
My friend Julia told me about the Neti Pot a while ago and this is the video that came to mind as soon as my doctor mentioned it...

I hope you loved that as much as I did! I will be singing this song as I try to sleep tonight. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First Post....

So I was going to come up with something creative for my first post but really all I have to say right now is my cat and my dog are both zonked out in my bed and my first foster dog is back and zonked out on my floor (just dogsitting him). Those who know me know that I am in heaven! :)
I have a good bit to post about tomorrow - I volunteered for HALOS tonight and cannot wait to share the details with you all. It was so much fun!
Good night!