Wednesday, September 28, 2011

new etsy shop - mac & moo

Hey there Peeps!  I should probably have waited until everything was set up but I just can't help's so cute and I love it so much!  Check out my new Etsy shop.  It will be filled with whatever I'm in the mood to create, all kinds of random goodness!  I'll no longer be stuck making just jewelry or wreaths and I'll finally have a place to sell the fabulous "stuff" I find at thrift stores and upcycle.  My dog "Maddie Moo" is part of the title because I will inevitably create all kinds of dog related things.
Well, that and the fact that I just love saying "Moo".  :)

Do you love it as much as I do?  I hope so!
And if you do and you need a new look?  Please check out Sweet Mod on Etsy.  She kinda rocks!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

random thoughts - eyebrow maintenance

I had a dream the other night that I was out in a bar (hint #1 that it was a dream) dressed up in a really cute outfit (hint #2 that it was a dream, that actually trumps hint #1) talking to a group of people, when all of  a sudden I became overwhelmingly aware of my unruly and unkept eyebrows.  It was terrifying.  I didn't remember this dream until around 11:00 Friday night but I immediately took out my beloved and forgotten tweezers and "eyebrow mirror" and went to town.  When I was done I felt like a new woman!

And then I thought, I bet no other 33 year old single woman in this entire world was sitting at home on a Friday night at 11:00 tweezing her eyebrows.

And then I thought, that would be a pretty cool superpower!  What if I could know how many women out there were tweezing their eyebrows at that same moment?  Or know how many other people are washing their dog at the same moment I am?  Not that I ever wash my dog.  I mean, it would be a pretty useless superpower but neat nonetheless.  :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

hello there...

For the stinky Carolina fans in Columbia.  ;)

I'm not sure where to start.  I'm still around.  I've now been off my foot for 6 weeks.  I'm staying in my dad's room, staring at his clothes in the closet and his boxes of golfballs on his dresser, which makes me miss him so much.  I'm being taken care of by my mom which I appreciate, but you never know what you are going to get with her.  And in 6 weeks she's had plenty of ups and downs which is so hard to watch.  I was fired from my job by a certified letter with no warning.  My cat in Charleston must have thought I was never coming back so he ran away about a month ago.  I haven't gotten a short term disability check or an unemployment check yet, which means I haven't had any money since the last week in July.  And I had my first physical therapy appointment today and found out that my foot isn't healed up enough to walk yet and I will be in this air cast for another 5 weeks.

With all of this said, I totally get that it's not the end of the world.  Everything will work itself out.  But I'm still in a bad mood.  And as for blogging, I figured I would spare you and not bitch and moan on here!  I'm not one to sugar coat it.  At all.  ;)

In order to make some money to pay medical bills, etc AND in an effort to do something crafty and lift my spirits, I've been making Fall and Halloween wreaths.  Thankfully, mom has fronted the cash for this project.  They aren't anything too original as I've gotten the ideas from Pinterest and Etsy but they're fun to make and I'm just selling them at my brother's store.  More pics to come soon.

**One other thing, I want to open another Etsy store where I can sell anything I make.  I can't commit to any one thing because I get bored easily.  I want to be able to sell my jewelry, maybe some wreaths and then whatever I'm in the mood for next....mason jar snow globes perhaps??  I would rather not open a million different shops.  Do you think this would work?  I am HORRIBLE at coming up with names.  For example - my jewelry shop is "It's Simply You" and my blog used to be "Simply Collins".  Anyone have any ideas to send my way??

Will catch up on your blogs soon!!  xoxo