Monday, August 30, 2010

will be back soon

Dad's a sick puppy.  Will be back soon to visit your blogs.
Coming back soon with a pretty fantastic post/raffle for a great cause.  Stay tuned!

Monday, August 23, 2010

on the road again...

Mr Chance is such a trooper.  I don't think cats like to travel but he has been back and forth between Columbia and Charleston a lot lately and has been a well behaved kitty. Isn't he cute?
(my sweet but crazy dog is hiding on the floor, panting)
Dad is still in the hospital but is feeling and looking much better.  I think the fluids are really helping.  Guess that is what happens when you can't eat for 3 months! (I myself have never had that problem)
They are going to do another MRI of just his head tomorrow.  The right side of his body is really weak and shaking.  I swear the man has had a million MRIs in the past 4 months.   His neurologist seems to think his issues are coming from his central nervous system (trying real hard not to google that right now)
1 - I am hoping and praying they figure it out tomorrow and that it's something they can fix
2 - I am hoping and praying that he stops flirting with all the pretty nurses that are giving him baths because it's embarrassing  ;)
3- I am hoping and praying my uncles get control of my mother before I have to open up a can of whoop-ass
Glad to be home and happy Monday!

Friday, August 20, 2010

prayers needed

I don't pray on a daily basis but I do believe that asking for prayers does help.
My dad is sick.
And for those of you who know me or have read previous blog posts, I have no relationship with my mom so my dad is all I have.
My eyes are just about swollen shut right now.  Not sure how I am even typing.
Dad is back in the hospital.
For at least a year now my dad has been sick.  No energy (none) and constant dizziness.  He has been to his general practitioner, 4 neurologists, a hematologist, etc, etc and they just can't figure out what is wrong with him.  He had  a stroke about 3 weeks ago and he has gone downhill fast since then.  He isn't eating.  At all.  He is losing from 3 to 4 pounds a week.  He can't sit up or stand up b/c it makes him dizzy.  Earlier this week they found out that when he stands up his blood pressure drops to 60/40.  NOT normal.  So I had high hopes that they could just fix that and all would be well.  Nope.  He is being readmitted into the hospital b/c he can't walk and he can hardly feel the right side of his body.
I am devastated.  Actually, there are no words to express how I feel.
Somebody MUST figure this out and fix him.
I guess one of the doctors mentioned ALS tonight and that is what has me in a panic.  It can't be.  It just can't.
Heading to see him first thing in the morning and that just can't come soon enough.
Please keep him in your prayers,  I would really appreciate it.
My favorite comment ever
Oh Holly, you rock!

Happy Weekend...go forth and have fun!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


 I love this show.

i want to drink these all day and night...
i want to have a friend named conrad...
i want a grow house so that i can make lots of money...
i want nancy botwin's closet...
and i want nancy and andy to hurry up and love each other and get it on...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

it's the little things

* catching up on tivo and seeing lauren win so you think you can dance.  knowing she was your favorite from the beginning - see fantastic SYTYCD video link below
 * leaving your cell phone charger in columbia and discovering your roommate's boyfriend has one that fits your phone.  phew.
 * deciding that even though the DSLR camera you want is expensive, you can babysit and have jewelry sales to make enough money to buy it
 * doctors finally putting dad on the right meds so that he can feel better (only took his blood pressure dropping to 60/40 to figure it out-brilliant docs)
* my grandmother already seeing a hummingbird out of her window.  hope she sees lots more.
* your blogs
* starting a team for Paws in the Park so that we can make every shelter animal in Charleston happy
*  catching up on True Blood and Weeds on sketchy online sites because you don't have the good channels
* falling in love with new music - frightened rabbit (the winter of mixed drinks)
download - you will NOT be disappointed
Think Ellen DeGeneres is funny?  Watch this SYTYCD video!

Monday, August 16, 2010

yummy plants, stinky family

I spent a disastrous weekend in Columbia.  
- Taking care of my sick dad, which made me feel helpless.  
- Getting in a huge fight with my mom just because she is my mom and she is super crazy.  
- Also getting in arguments all weekend with my brother because he CANNOT stop talking about Fox News.  OBSESSED.

On Saturday I went down to my brother's nursery to buy my grandmother a plant.  She wanted a new hanging plant for outside her window at the nursing home.  My conversation with my brother went a little something like this...
me:  Hey, I need to get a plant for Grandmom.
brother:  So I saw something on Fox News just now that said prison inmates make bonuses and the prison guards don't.
me:  I just need a plant.  Which one should I take?
brother:  I mean, can you believe that crap?  This world is going to shit
me:  I don't care I don't care!  Which hanging plant will do the best in full sun?
brother:  Why don't you give a crap?
me:  Because maybe the prison guards don't deserve a bonus.  How the hell should I know?
brother:  You would say that.  Such crap.  F-ing liberals.
me:  Please.  I am begging you.  Will this plant work?
brother:  From now on (as if he doesn't already do this) every time I talk to you I am going to bring up an issue for us to discuss.  Just one.
me: (counting to 10) I am getting this plant and if it dies I will make sure to tell Gradmom to thank the prison system and those stupid liberals
I ended up buying her a hummingbird feeder instead.

These pics taken at his place the day before during a similar conversation about Glenn Beck...

 Happy Monday!

Friday, August 13, 2010


I am in Columbia taking care of my sick father and let me just tell you...I could not have found this blog at a more perfect time.  It's the prettiest blog I have ever seen.  Go check it out.  No, run!  The pictures are just beautiful.  I must save up money for a nice camera soon.
 Have a great weekend peeps!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

new crush

Jason Bateman - enough said
anyone else think he's precious??

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my etsy and etsy love

New items listed in my Etsy shop!
 Check them out at It's Simply You

Current Etsy love...

*these great concrete planters
*this shark's tooth necklace (since it was shark week last week)
*these elephant s & p shakers, precious
*and finally, these lovely thank you notes from my friend Allison's shop
I could go on and on and on as always..
Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

meet mr chance

Introducing Mr Chance
 Mr Chance was originally a feral kitten so he took a little getting used to.  I couldn't even say the word food without him flying across the room right for my face.  He was insane.  However, he has now settled down and he and my dog are the best of friends.  Really.  Chance likes Maddie more than he likes me!
My sweet sweet Cassie got out of the house Thanksgiving weekend last year and never found her way back home.  It was awful.  
How strange is it that I randomly found this picture last night on some weird kitty blog.  Does it look like Cassie or what?!
Fake Cassie
Real Cassie

Monday, August 9, 2010


I was catching up on blogs earlier and was inspired by the following post.  Wasn't the happiest of posts but it was true and it was honest.  I stopped blogging a while back b/c of an honest post of mine.  I guess I felt like this happy place of mine was now tainted.  Well, it's not.  So, here's to catching up on your blogs and starting anew.  :)
I am hoping for big things today.  
One thing I can't really discuss yet but just cross your fingers for me...just a hint...
Another thing, dad is seeing an ENT this afternoon and I am hoping they finally figure out what is wrong with him.  More on that later.
Here's to a great Monday!