Monday, August 9, 2010


I was catching up on blogs earlier and was inspired by the following post.  Wasn't the happiest of posts but it was true and it was honest.  I stopped blogging a while back b/c of an honest post of mine.  I guess I felt like this happy place of mine was now tainted.  Well, it's not.  So, here's to catching up on your blogs and starting anew.  :)
I am hoping for big things today.  
One thing I can't really discuss yet but just cross your fingers for me...just a hint...
Another thing, dad is seeing an ENT this afternoon and I am hoping they finally figure out what is wrong with him.  More on that later.
Here's to a great Monday!


  1. HOORAY! Glad you're back! And I think I know what you're excited about but you should probably tell me just to be sure. :)

  2. oh Collins. i have to say i have missed you. it was sad when you left. we had emailed a bit about issues in our fam and then you were gone. :(

    i am always here for you, darlin. ALWAYS!


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