Friday, August 20, 2010

prayers needed

I don't pray on a daily basis but I do believe that asking for prayers does help.
My dad is sick.
And for those of you who know me or have read previous blog posts, I have no relationship with my mom so my dad is all I have.
My eyes are just about swollen shut right now.  Not sure how I am even typing.
Dad is back in the hospital.
For at least a year now my dad has been sick.  No energy (none) and constant dizziness.  He has been to his general practitioner, 4 neurologists, a hematologist, etc, etc and they just can't figure out what is wrong with him.  He had  a stroke about 3 weeks ago and he has gone downhill fast since then.  He isn't eating.  At all.  He is losing from 3 to 4 pounds a week.  He can't sit up or stand up b/c it makes him dizzy.  Earlier this week they found out that when he stands up his blood pressure drops to 60/40.  NOT normal.  So I had high hopes that they could just fix that and all would be well.  Nope.  He is being readmitted into the hospital b/c he can't walk and he can hardly feel the right side of his body.
I am devastated.  Actually, there are no words to express how I feel.
Somebody MUST figure this out and fix him.
I guess one of the doctors mentioned ALS tonight and that is what has me in a panic.  It can't be.  It just can't.
Heading to see him first thing in the morning and that just can't come soon enough.
Please keep him in your prayers,  I would really appreciate it.


  1. Oh Collins... I'm devastated for you. Guy & I will absolutely keep your dad in our thoughts. Keep your spirits high, love & kiss him often, and keep us posted. Love you much girl. xoxo

  2. collins, i am sooooooooooooooooo sorry to hear about your dad. i hope that things get figured out quickly b/c i know how much he means to you. sending prayers your way.


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