Tuesday, October 18, 2011

state fair fun

Don't judge me for riding the elephant.  
I in NO WAY agree with having them at the fair.  But to be honest, I just couldn't help myself.  And plus, it was my Dad's birthday and it made my day better.  :)

And, who eats fried butter??? 

Monday, October 3, 2011

new cookie cutters

Are these the cutest things you have ever seen or what?  I'm obsessed with the hedgehog.  :)  Mom got them for me at Ikea on Saturday and I couldn't WAIT to make cookies.  I don't bake.  At all.  So, I asked her to get slice and bake sugar cookies and this is how it went....
So, I guess you are supposed to make them really thin if you use cookie cutters?  They turned into big blobs!  Oops.  They were still yummy.  :)
Going to use these little woodland creatures for something else soon...stay tuned!