Tuesday, October 18, 2011

state fair fun

Don't judge me for riding the elephant.  
I in NO WAY agree with having them at the fair.  But to be honest, I just couldn't help myself.  And plus, it was my Dad's birthday and it made my day better.  :)

And, who eats fried butter??? 


  1. Fried butter?! You should have tried!!
    Looks like a great time Collins. :)

  2. Yeah, fried butter? What the? I had a fried oreo at the fair this summer and it was pretty good. But I only ate 2 of the 5 and have to give them away to my friends in order to not feel like a disgusting human being :) You look cute on the elephant - when in Rome, right?

  3. My wife Jilda and I are in Cary, N.C. this weekend and the state fair is here too.
    Believe me, I'd ride an elephant. How many folks can say that?

  4. holy cow, you guys have deep fried everything! It is hard to pass up riding an elephant...have to admit that is pretty neat.

  5. the little ducky!! i've had a fried oreo at a fair. is was the best thing i have ever eaten!.. but never again

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