Wednesday, July 29, 2009

lowcountry food bank - volunteer work

My team at work volunteered together at the Lowcountry Food Bank two weeks ago. We bagged 2390 pounds of sweet potatoes into 5 pound bags for their Saturday program, where families are able to pick up boxes of healthy food. This was the first time I had volunteered for them and definitely plan to work with them again. Other than the fact that it was extremely hot in the warehouse - it was tons of fun!

Yep yep, that is me above. I am sure I was complaining to Mr Cal about how hot it was. Like he hadn't already noticed. ;)

i heart "knackage"

Seeing a new post pop up from knack makes my day. Every single time.
Check out the following pieces that she did. And she names them. Oh how I would love to have them all!!!

millman - check out the knobs!



pearl pink


And my personal favorite - Barney.

Check out her blog - there are plenty of others to drool over.

Monday, July 27, 2009

bar golf pictures

Not much to report - I lost, thankfully! Take a look at the rules in this post to see why I am glad I lost. Needless to say, everyone in downtown Charleston hated us on Saturday night. Bouncers especially.
To my girls that missed it this year - I made it home alone, in a cab, without drama, with all my credit cards and my phone! Yeay me!

new home update

Those pictures were taken on moving day. Too much stuff!

I am currently separating things into piles - Yard Sale pile and Back to Columbia for Storage pile.
My brother is coming in the next couple of days to pick up the Columbia pile so hopefully I will then have a better idea of how much space I have in the den area and where to put everything.
Until then, I will leave you with a picture of the horse I was dogsitting in the middle of moving.

Just a suggestion - do not offer to dogsit a dog that you don't know, while in the middle of moving. This dog was a sweet as they come but boy did she have separation anxiety. This huge lab managed to fit through my cat door at my old place on moving day and then broke through the screen door and went swimming in the swamp behind my house. The next day she managed to get through the cat door at my new place and get stuck on the porch with no water while I was at work. Story of my life. :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

giveaway on Down and Out Chic

Go here to enter the giveaway. The prints are so cute!! I really need the one above. :)

annual bar golf today!

This is my third year participating in Bar Golf that some friends here in Charleston do every year. Yikes. Here are a few pics from 2 years ago to give you an idea.

NOT going to show you the picture of me putting that thing to use.

Sandy on the left is now living in London and Christy in the pink is now living in CO. I will miss you girls this year!

The best part - the outfits.

Okay, now for this year's rules....

Vomiting = +10 points
Vomiting on another player = -10 points
Urination in pants with a witness = -5 points
Kissing the bartender = -3 points
Kissing other players (not significant others) = -2 points
Skipping a Hole = +5 points
Any random embarrassing act approved by Tournament Directors = TBD
Beer Bong = -2 additional points

Here's to losing....hopefully!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

SYTYCD This Woman's Work

I am sure many of you saw this last night. If not, you should definitely watch this now. Most clips on youtube have been removed for some reason but I finally just found this one that works.


oh yes, mr andrew bird in charleston!

Coming to the Music Farm October 2nd

So, for some odd reason my friends still don't totally trust my taste in music. Or maybe it's just b/c we are all getting older and going to the hot and stinky Music Farm is not their idea of a perfect night. Anyhoo...I am pleasantly surprised every now and then at the "randoms" that Music Farm brings in and somebody (Morgan...hint hint) better go see Andrew Bird with me!

Andrew Bird with Mucca Pazza - "Fitz & The Dizzyspells”

I missed The Bravery and Rilo Kiley b/c nobody wanted to go see them with me and I am not missing this one. OR Donavon Frankenreiter who will be there August 10th.

Is it Friday yet?

Pictures of my new place to come soon! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

a little secret (i think)

So, I think Band of Horses is here while not touring. :) Sure hope I accidentally run into them...

Guess cleaning my new place for 3.5 hours was the reason I forgot to add that tid bit in my last post. Nighty night.

added - music blogs (must read)

I have been a fan of I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS for a very long time. Great place to find music. I just now listed a few music blogs on the right that you really must visit if you are a music fan. I love reading them and am sure you will too. Take a peek!

And on the subject of music - did anyone see Ray Lamontagne on Tonight Show Friday night? Wish there would have been an interview. Ray is definitely a little different. I have been a fan of his for years and years and was fortunate enough to see him play at House of Blues about 4 years ago. He was amazing. A little out of it. He kept picking at his hair and never looked up from the stage floor. But his voice is just so beautiful and soulful you can quickly overlook that. I am sure you have all heard of him by now b/c his latest album Gossip in the Grain got tons of attention, but if you do not have his albums from before - GET THEM!

an old tour poster

Here is a video clip from Friday's performance on Tonight Show.

I am hoping to get to London in September to see him with Sandy!

great dinner - great weather - great friends

Had dinner at Water's Edge last night with my friends Amy and Michelle. The weather in Charleston last night was perfect! And sitting outside with the breeze on Shem Creek was so nice. We had the best table and the best waiter. Great wine, great food. Doesn't get much better.
Here was my view...

Oh - and the drunks getting off their boats were great entertainment. :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

no better way to end the work day...

than to see these perfect creatures in your parking lot as you are leaving.

can't wait til august 15th - deer season! and before you take any offense to that, please know that 99.9% of the time i just sit there and watch how wonderful they are. you should be so blessed. to sit and watch them run around a field together. playing and eating. and the noises they make. it's incredible!

as promised - pictures of my birthday flowers

I first have to tell you that these pictures do not do these flowers justice. I couldn't get a good shot of the whole bouquet and the lighting in the office was terrible. They were beautiful and such a fun surprise. Thanks again Sandy!

And when I got to work today - the one below had just opened up. :)

And check out the white ones - they are gorgeous! Anyone know what they are?

I am bringing them home tomorrow to enjoy for the weekend and I am going to dare my cat to chew on them...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

awww...shucks. i am loved!

Sweet Morgan from Let Me Help You Help Me just passed along this award to ME!! It's my first award and definitely made my day...thanks girl! Make sure to check out her blog b/c she is now doing her first giveaway...and it's a surprise!

I would now like to pass along this award to the following blog ladies. I love love love to read these blogs. Probably the reason why I am still not packed and moved yet! Thanks a lot. ;)

Zucchero, Zucchero
Love and Photographs
Pink Wallpaper
A Merry Mishap

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, July 6, 2009

twenty-fifth anniversary - thriller

Appeared at my doorstep today. My cousin sent it to me for my birthday.
It was completely unexpected and I was SO excited. Listened to it to and from dinner at Taco Boy tonight. (Which was fantastic, by the way. So glad we have one downtown now! I see a girl's night coming soon. )

I have been glued to it all week. Surprising for me actually b/c I don't usually pay attention to all the media hype no matter who they are talking about. But I just can't stop watching all the videos. Amazing. And yet, such a sad life. I love the following picture of a little boy dancing outside UCLA Medical Center (found on Rolling Stone)

I am definitely planning to take my lunch break at 1:00 EST tomorrow to watch the memorial service. Hope it's everything he deserves and more.

Thank you to MJ and to my cousin, as this cd will get me through my last night of painting tomorrow night!

my birthday present

Well it's my birthday today. I'm 31! My how the time flies!

I didn't take the day off of work so this will be a short post but wanted to say that the following email I just received was the best birthday present I could have gotten. So precious. Charlie was my last foster dog and this is from his new "parents."

Good morning, Collins,
I can't believe that it's almost a month since Charlie (now Tawny--primarily to eliminate confusion when we are in Maine, where every family has at least one dog, and there's another Charlie!) came to live with us! He has been wonderful! He's so mellow and easy-going, loves to play with the toys in his bucket, either by himself, or better yet, with one of us! You surely did a good job of teaching him "house manners"! He's never had an accident, lets us know when he needs to go out, sits & lies down "on command" etc. His only "misdemeanor" has been to "prune" some of the house plants at his level; since we worry that they're not safe, we have a little "squirt water bottle", and he got the message quickly when we caught him in the act!
Annie, his "sister cat", took about 2 wks. to be really sure that she could manage him, and now they're good buddies; if he annoys her, she just hisses, and he backs off.
We had him at the Vet. almost 3 wks. ago, and he weighed over 50 lbs., a far cry from when you first took him, and was deemed to be in great shape, thanks to your good care.
I'll try to get a photo to you soon--he's lost a lot more of his "baby fluff" (thank heavens for the Swifter!), and his adult coat is a little darker; he looks as though his hair is frosted!
Thanks again--call us anytime you want to visit him. We'll be in Maine for August through Labor Day.
Jan, Tom, and Tawny

And - my sweet roommate and one of my very best friends who moved to London in March sent me flowers. I have never gotten flowers at work so it definitely made my day. I will make sure to post pics of them as soon as I can b/c they are absolutely beautiful!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

just found: 1001 rules for my unborn son

I'm surprised I just now found this blog. Wow. Here are a few that I love and a few I could listen to myself!
And my favorite:Off to turn 31 now - have a great night!