Monday, July 6, 2009

twenty-fifth anniversary - thriller

Appeared at my doorstep today. My cousin sent it to me for my birthday.
It was completely unexpected and I was SO excited. Listened to it to and from dinner at Taco Boy tonight. (Which was fantastic, by the way. So glad we have one downtown now! I see a girl's night coming soon. )

I have been glued to it all week. Surprising for me actually b/c I don't usually pay attention to all the media hype no matter who they are talking about. But I just can't stop watching all the videos. Amazing. And yet, such a sad life. I love the following picture of a little boy dancing outside UCLA Medical Center (found on Rolling Stone)

I am definitely planning to take my lunch break at 1:00 EST tomorrow to watch the memorial service. Hope it's everything he deserves and more.

Thank you to MJ and to my cousin, as this cd will get me through my last night of painting tomorrow night!

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