Sunday, July 12, 2009

added - music blogs (must read)

I have been a fan of I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS for a very long time. Great place to find music. I just now listed a few music blogs on the right that you really must visit if you are a music fan. I love reading them and am sure you will too. Take a peek!

And on the subject of music - did anyone see Ray Lamontagne on Tonight Show Friday night? Wish there would have been an interview. Ray is definitely a little different. I have been a fan of his for years and years and was fortunate enough to see him play at House of Blues about 4 years ago. He was amazing. A little out of it. He kept picking at his hair and never looked up from the stage floor. But his voice is just so beautiful and soulful you can quickly overlook that. I am sure you have all heard of him by now b/c his latest album Gossip in the Grain got tons of attention, but if you do not have his albums from before - GET THEM!

an old tour poster

Here is a video clip from Friday's performance on Tonight Show.

I am hoping to get to London in September to see him with Sandy!

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  1. i LOVE ray! warren and i wanted to see him so bad on tour but they are all in europe...that would be awesome to be able to go over to london then! you're blog is too cute btw :)


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