Monday, July 6, 2009

my birthday present

Well it's my birthday today. I'm 31! My how the time flies!

I didn't take the day off of work so this will be a short post but wanted to say that the following email I just received was the best birthday present I could have gotten. So precious. Charlie was my last foster dog and this is from his new "parents."

Good morning, Collins,
I can't believe that it's almost a month since Charlie (now Tawny--primarily to eliminate confusion when we are in Maine, where every family has at least one dog, and there's another Charlie!) came to live with us! He has been wonderful! He's so mellow and easy-going, loves to play with the toys in his bucket, either by himself, or better yet, with one of us! You surely did a good job of teaching him "house manners"! He's never had an accident, lets us know when he needs to go out, sits & lies down "on command" etc. His only "misdemeanor" has been to "prune" some of the house plants at his level; since we worry that they're not safe, we have a little "squirt water bottle", and he got the message quickly when we caught him in the act!
Annie, his "sister cat", took about 2 wks. to be really sure that she could manage him, and now they're good buddies; if he annoys her, she just hisses, and he backs off.
We had him at the Vet. almost 3 wks. ago, and he weighed over 50 lbs., a far cry from when you first took him, and was deemed to be in great shape, thanks to your good care.
I'll try to get a photo to you soon--he's lost a lot more of his "baby fluff" (thank heavens for the Swifter!), and his adult coat is a little darker; he looks as though his hair is frosted!
Thanks again--call us anytime you want to visit him. We'll be in Maine for August through Labor Day.
Jan, Tom, and Tawny

And - my sweet roommate and one of my very best friends who moved to London in March sent me flowers. I have never gotten flowers at work so it definitely made my day. I will make sure to post pics of them as soon as I can b/c they are absolutely beautiful!


  1. Oh my gosh! Such a sweet note and how great of them to take the time to write. And doubly fabulous that sweet Sandy sent you flowers!
    Hope you have some fun birthday plans! I can come sing to you tonight if you like. :) (that might be more like punishment than a gift! ha!) xoxo

  2. What a wonderful treat recieving that note must have been... have a great birthday!!

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely bday! Happy belated. : )


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