Saturday, July 25, 2009

annual bar golf today!

This is my third year participating in Bar Golf that some friends here in Charleston do every year. Yikes. Here are a few pics from 2 years ago to give you an idea.

NOT going to show you the picture of me putting that thing to use.

Sandy on the left is now living in London and Christy in the pink is now living in CO. I will miss you girls this year!

The best part - the outfits.

Okay, now for this year's rules....

Vomiting = +10 points
Vomiting on another player = -10 points
Urination in pants with a witness = -5 points
Kissing the bartender = -3 points
Kissing other players (not significant others) = -2 points
Skipping a Hole = +5 points
Any random embarrassing act approved by Tournament Directors = TBD
Beer Bong = -2 additional points

Here's to losing....hopefully!


  1. Too funy! The point system is hysterical!! Good luck... hope you lose big!

  2. That last dude's outfit is hysterical!


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