Wednesday, August 18, 2010

it's the little things

* catching up on tivo and seeing lauren win so you think you can dance.  knowing she was your favorite from the beginning - see fantastic SYTYCD video link below
 * leaving your cell phone charger in columbia and discovering your roommate's boyfriend has one that fits your phone.  phew.
 * deciding that even though the DSLR camera you want is expensive, you can babysit and have jewelry sales to make enough money to buy it
 * doctors finally putting dad on the right meds so that he can feel better (only took his blood pressure dropping to 60/40 to figure it out-brilliant docs)
* my grandmother already seeing a hummingbird out of her window.  hope she sees lots more.
* your blogs
* starting a team for Paws in the Park so that we can make every shelter animal in Charleston happy
*  catching up on True Blood and Weeds on sketchy online sites because you don't have the good channels
* falling in love with new music - frightened rabbit (the winter of mixed drinks)
download - you will NOT be disappointed
Think Ellen DeGeneres is funny?  Watch this SYTYCD video!


  1. Hooray for your dad! So glad to hear some good news.
    And Weeds - amazing right?

  2. so happy for your pops and i hope that gramma sees more and more of those hummingbirds.

    you hanging in?

  3. the little things help make the "bigger" things seem so minor.

    happy to hear dad is doing better. and here's hoping you get your dslr!

  4. love the hummingbird update! those suckers are fast.


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