Tuesday, August 10, 2010

meet mr chance

Introducing Mr Chance
 Mr Chance was originally a feral kitten so he took a little getting used to.  I couldn't even say the word food without him flying across the room right for my face.  He was insane.  However, he has now settled down and he and my dog are the best of friends.  Really.  Chance likes Maddie more than he likes me!
My sweet sweet Cassie got out of the house Thanksgiving weekend last year and never found her way back home.  It was awful.  
How strange is it that I randomly found this picture last night on some weird kitty blog.  Does it look like Cassie or what?!
Fake Cassie
Real Cassie


  1. Mini Gus!!! GAHHH! So stinkin' cute!!

  2. oh my, chance is soooo cute, especially curled up to your doggy!

  3. OMG i totally pictured your new feral cat flying across the room at your face. scary! lol.

    but so stinkin cute...all of it. sorry to hear about cassie :(


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