Monday, August 23, 2010

on the road again...

Mr Chance is such a trooper.  I don't think cats like to travel but he has been back and forth between Columbia and Charleston a lot lately and has been a well behaved kitty. Isn't he cute?
(my sweet but crazy dog is hiding on the floor, panting)
Dad is still in the hospital but is feeling and looking much better.  I think the fluids are really helping.  Guess that is what happens when you can't eat for 3 months! (I myself have never had that problem)
They are going to do another MRI of just his head tomorrow.  The right side of his body is really weak and shaking.  I swear the man has had a million MRIs in the past 4 months.   His neurologist seems to think his issues are coming from his central nervous system (trying real hard not to google that right now)
1 - I am hoping and praying they figure it out tomorrow and that it's something they can fix
2 - I am hoping and praying that he stops flirting with all the pretty nurses that are giving him baths because it's embarrassing  ;)
3- I am hoping and praying my uncles get control of my mother before I have to open up a can of whoop-ass
Glad to be home and happy Monday!


  1. What a sweet boy Chance is :) One of my kitties travels very well- the other, yeah, not so much.

    Hope everything goes well with your dad's MRI. I will say lots of prayers. And the flirting thing? My dad has been known to do that too when he's been in the hospital... ha!

  2. hahaha! he is flirting! typical dad, huh? you know i am praying hard, my love.

    chance is the sweetest thing ever.

  3. i am hoping and praying with you.

    though i wouldn't mind seeing your dad flirt with all the nurses. that's pretty funny.

  4. thinking of you!

    and what dad wouldnt flirt about the sponge bath!? ;)


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