Monday, August 16, 2010

yummy plants, stinky family

I spent a disastrous weekend in Columbia.  
- Taking care of my sick dad, which made me feel helpless.  
- Getting in a huge fight with my mom just because she is my mom and she is super crazy.  
- Also getting in arguments all weekend with my brother because he CANNOT stop talking about Fox News.  OBSESSED.

On Saturday I went down to my brother's nursery to buy my grandmother a plant.  She wanted a new hanging plant for outside her window at the nursing home.  My conversation with my brother went a little something like this...
me:  Hey, I need to get a plant for Grandmom.
brother:  So I saw something on Fox News just now that said prison inmates make bonuses and the prison guards don't.
me:  I just need a plant.  Which one should I take?
brother:  I mean, can you believe that crap?  This world is going to shit
me:  I don't care I don't care!  Which hanging plant will do the best in full sun?
brother:  Why don't you give a crap?
me:  Because maybe the prison guards don't deserve a bonus.  How the hell should I know?
brother:  You would say that.  Such crap.  F-ing liberals.
me:  Please.  I am begging you.  Will this plant work?
brother:  From now on (as if he doesn't already do this) every time I talk to you I am going to bring up an issue for us to discuss.  Just one.
me: (counting to 10) I am getting this plant and if it dies I will make sure to tell Gradmom to thank the prison system and those stupid liberals
I ended up buying her a hummingbird feeder instead.

These pics taken at his place the day before during a similar conversation about Glenn Beck...

 Happy Monday!


  1. haha! ahh family...gotta love their craziness sometimes.

  2. I can totally imagine that convo happening! Funny and frustrating at the same time!

  3. all those beautiful plants all around him, he shouldnt be so angry.

    aaaaaaan fox news sucks!

    sorry for your family drama :p we all have it.

  4. sorry you had such a crappy weekend, if it makes you feel any better, half of my family is insane too!


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