Tuesday, November 3, 2009

been buried

Between wanting to divorce my mother and work last week, none of my posts would have been very positive so I decided to spare you.

But now I am back after a weekend home to visit with my dad.  Which meant folding his clothes, cleaning his bathroom, watering the plants, etc.  Love the man to death but he needs a woman taking care of him for sure! 
I also got to have fun with my bestie for her 30th birthday.

Caught up with several other friends that I hadn't seen in way too long.

Now this week I am trying to wrap up an entire work week into 3 days b/c I am on vacation Thursday and Friday AND get ready for a craft show this weekend.  I am selling my jewelry at the Daniel Island Fall Fair on Saturday and can't wait!
Also playing a prank on someone at work tomorrow...here is a sneak peek...

Hope you have all had a wonderful week and I can't wait to relax next week and catch up on your blogs that I have missed so much!


Spill it....
I always love hearing from my peeps!