Monday, June 22, 2009

happy father's day dad

To Dad:

Thank you, for everything you have done for me and for everything you have taught me. I am sure there have been plenty of times when you thought I wasn't listening. I was.

I have always been a Daddy's girl, but it's just been since college that we have become so close. Who would have thought hunting is what would bring us together?

In the last couple of years, you have had to assume the role of both mom and dad to me and I know it's been hard. Your support through it all is what has gotten me through.

Thank you for always being there. For giving me advice (whether I want to agree with it or not) but being patient with me so that I can make my own choices and learn from my mistakes.

You are the reason I get up every day and want to do better with my life. You alone have taught me to always be the best person that I can be and always give everything my best shot, thank you for that. I love you.

And, I think that you are too big for that horse. That's mine. :)

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