Wednesday, October 20, 2010

life lessons #1

There are some things that everyone should know.  Whether your parents should have taught you?  You should have learned it in school?  Your friends should have let you know?  I don't care who should have shared it with should just know.

#1  When you pull in to get gas...pull all the way up to the first available pump.  Please.  If not, the person pulling in behind you has to sit behind you and wait for (NO GOOD FREAKING REASON), in hopes that you are going to figure it out and pull forward.  Then said person behind you realizes you are not going to pull forward and has to pull around you and back in to the pump in front of you.  They then have to resist the urge to slam into the front of your car.  It's not hard to just pull up when you first pull in.  Really.  I promise!  Just give it a shot.  Why is it that I know to pull forward and you do not?  Is it because you are just an a-hole?  I try not to assume so but I'm pretty sure that's it.

Also, if you insist on being a d-bag, please don't walk your happy ass inside and buy lottery tickets instead of gas.  Thanks.

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