Thursday, October 7, 2010

it's a beauty

Introducing my new friend...
 Well, I haven't received it in the mail yet but it's on it's way.  Woohoo!
So excited, it's pretty ridiculous.
Especially since I will have NO idea how to use it once it comes in.
But I can stare at it.  Because it's pretty.  :)

Update on dad coming soon.  Every time we get a glimpse of hope, something comes along and bursts my little bubble.  Well, my bubble can't really stand to be burst too many more times.  I'm tired and incredibly sad.

Oh and don't forget about my blog raffle!  Boy... KS , Summer and Morgan sure have a good chance of winning!  ;)


  1. Yahoo... love the new camera!! I can't wait to see the photos you will take with this gem.
    I will continue to keep your dad in my prayers. Many hugs... xo

  2. awesome! yeah, we may have the same exact one!!!!!!

    missing you and i better win! thanks! haha!

  3. HOLY CRAP! that kicks, did ya rob a bank? Can I have a bag of cash too? You deserve it girl. Can't wait to see your photos.


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