Wednesday, September 22, 2010

good cause blog raffle

In honor of my first day at Charleston Animal Society, I would like to invite you to participate in the following blog raffle!

The Cause:
Welll duh, The Charleston Animal Society!  We are doing Paws in the Park on
October 9th, in my very own neighborhood.  This event is extra special to me because it's where I found my sweet Maddie Moo 3 years ago.  So this year instead of just volunteering, I have joined a team to help raise money.
Instead of just asking for donations I thought I would give you some incentive and make it fun!

The Blog Raffle Goodies:
Yep, that's right.
* The lucky raffle winner will receive a set of Days of the Week Undies from Charleston's very own Private Eyes Undies!  Make sure to check out her website or become a fan on facebook.  My personal favorites are the Undie Libs.  Genious!  Value of $55!
* The winner will also receive a set of the most precious Thank You cards ever.  Once again these are from Charleston's very own Ink Meets Paper Press.  These cards make me want to thank people.  :)  Value of $12!
* Also, the winner will receive the Golden Feather Necklace from my Etsy Shop.  It's my favorite necklace.  I wear my own all the time!  Value of $22!
Total value of raffle goodies is $90!

How to Enter Blog Raffle:
For one entry - click here to donate.  Please donate at least $15.  Keep in mind that this is for a good cause, the goodies have been donated and it's a $90 value!  At the same time, every little bit helps so do what you can.

For a second entry - become a follower. Easy enough!
For a third and fourth entry all in one - reblog!  I need all the exposure I can get to raise money, so you precious peeps of mine with lots of followers (you know who you are) - please reblog!

I will be choosing a winner through the morning of October 8th.
They need your help.
An extra special thank you to Allison and Margaret for donating the raffle items for such a great cause!


  1. Donation done!! What an awesome event :) I made my donation in recognition of my kitty boys- granted I didn't find them in Charleston, but your organization sounds amazing and anyone who is willing to help lost animals is amazing in my book!! Good luck to you!

  2. And of course I follow :) So glad I do!

  3. I am going to post about this on my giveaway page.... hope you get some new people stopping by. This is a great cause indeed!!

  4. Donation made in honor of our Daddy's. They are not pets but we love em, right? lol.

  5. I will be back to donate tomorrow, I hope! I am raising money for my own Humane Society walk this weekend as well. :)

  6. I'll be posting on my sidebar! Hope you get lots of people donating!!! xo

  7. gonna post about this tomorrow? or later today? ok?


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