Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today marks one month since my dad has been in the hospital here in Charleston.
We are no longer thinking Lymphoma  (good news) but still don't know what's wrong with him.
He's a medical mystery.
I need House.  Seriously.
The Infectious Disease team is now looking at him and we did another spinal tap yesterday.  The poor man has just had it.  For the last 2 or 3 days his mind has not been there.  At all.  Not even a glimpse.  I will spare you the gory details but he's hallucinating and scared out of his mind.  I can't imagine.
This morning I woke up, looked at him and he smiled at me.  For the first time in days.  
I loved it.  With my whole heart.

So, today I am wishing that my dad was doing the things he loves instead of sitting in a hospital bed.

Just to name a few - spending time in nature...
playing golf....
visiting his mother, seeing his friends and his poor dog!

Now time to take a nap.
Happy Tuesday to you all.


  1. aw sweetie. i dont know what youre going through or how it is day to day, but i can see how that smile from him was priceless. many hopes for more of those!

  2. Thanks for the update C! I feel for you and your whole family. Let me know if you need anything. xoxo

  3. I certainly hope your dad begins to get well soon! My thoughts are with your family, dear.

  4. "We are no longer thinking Lymphoma (good news}"


    I will continue to send lots of light and love his way. Cherish that smile.

  5. My dear friend- I hope the doctors can find out what is wrong with him. My heart goes out to him to be in the hospital for so long. It is hard to keep ones spirits up while they go through this. Many hugs... xo

  6. So sorry to hear that it's not getting better. Seriously, where is House?

  7. oh no...i hope they figure it out soon. poor guy. hallucinations are scary!

    keeping you all in my thoughts.

  8. I'm so glad he smiled at you today! that is awesome!



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