Wednesday, September 8, 2010

trying to be brave

Well, I want that back.
My To-Do list these days looks more like this...
And the "go back to bed" part is done on a hospital couch.
Dad is having a brain biopsy done on Friday b/c they think he might have lymphoma.
I have surprised myself with staying strong in front of him, but inside I am terrified.  And I have definitely let it out several times to some of my poor dear friends.

And as I type this, my dad is crying.  Because he can't sleep.  And if he isn't sleeping, he is thinking about the biopsy on Friday and what his future holds.  He has had to lie around thinking about this since Thursday morning of last week.  And there is nothing I can do.  I feel so helpless.



  1. I just emailed you. I'm thinking of posting to get folks to send you some support? Thoughts????

  2. I love you Collins. You're amazingly strong and such a strength for your family. Please let Guy and I know what we can do to help. ANYTHING you need. xoox

  3. I hope the biopsy goes well and the results are good ones!
    Thinking of you and your father.

    {Found you through Summer B.}

  4. Hang in there Sweet Friend! Please know your friends are here, and ALWAYS willing to lend an ear, shoulder, or share a bottle...heck, I'll give it to ya! :) Please just let us know what you need and what we can do. xoxo

  5. sending hope and comfort to you and your dad...


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