Thursday, September 9, 2010

found: rare photos

I just recently found T Spoon of Sunshine and it might be one of my new favorite blogs.  :)

She just recently mentioned Rare Photos of Famous People and they are fantastic.

Sean -freaking- Connery...what?!
Elizabeth Taylor - love it!
Kurt Cobain and of course this picture is just ironic and sad.
Gotta love Goldie Hawn -too cute.
Johnny Depp and his niece.  I just love this picture for some reason.
And there isn't anything too special about this picture except that I love me some Clint Eastwood.  So handsome.

Take the time to check out the other 99 pics, they really are pretty fantastic. 


  1. Sean Connery?!?!? no way...

    Kurt- yes, very said. And I love the one of Johnny Depp. Wow...

    Clint Eastwood amazes me. Like Paul Neuman used to... awesome finds!


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