Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pass It On

I just found this on Perfect Sentiment today and it was so much fun to read I just had to do it myself. Such a great blog by the way. Fantastic tips on how to live a great life within your budget and she likes cowboy boots so enough said! And so there is nothing like on...

Rules of the meme: Respond and rework on your own blog. Replace one question and add one question. Pass it on.

1. My current obsession... Blogs. I just got into the whole blog world. I always seem to be a step behind! Now that I have started - I cannot stop reading them. I LOVE IT!

2. One item from my wardrobe I wear most often... My Rainbows. NEVER without them.
3. The last thing I bought... A Swiffer Vac and Swiffer Duster. I can't wait to use them and get rid of all the dog/cat hair in my house!

4. I'm listening to... Mostly my IPOD on shuffle these days but some of my favorites right now include Rosi Golan, Cat Power, Kings of Leon, among many many others!

5. Any Pets? Are you kidding? Of course! I have a cat and a dog. Right now fostering for the Grateful Golden Rescue of the Low Country too. :)

6. My favorite holiday spot...Pawley's Island, SC. Has always been my favorite. Summer or Winter.

7. Guilty Pleasure...Peanut butter and apples (YUMMY) or Cupcakes

{via we heart it}

8. The best thing I've had to eat or drink lately...Mexican. I love it. Specifically cheese dip or Chimichangas.

9. Favorite ever film...Gone with the Wind.

10. Favorite song...Since there is no possible way that I could just pick one favorite song out of everything I listen to, I chose to go with a childhood favorite which was - You are my Sunshine. So as I was looking on YouTube for this song - this is what I found. I am warning you - it's pretty sweet and it might make you cry.

11. Favorite Flower... Daisies. Gerbera daisies, shasta daisies, etc. Can't wait for mine to bloom!

12. Who makes me laugh... My silly animals and Reid and Rivers (my friend Jenny's little boys-and current loves of my life!)

13. Favorite Sport... Baseball and Clemson Football. Ballet also if you can bare with me and consider it a sport!

14. First sign of pollen?

15. Favorite song from the 80s...Mickey

16. Favorite thing to do on a Sunday...not shower!

Wow...that was much more fun than the email chain! Please do this!. Passing this along to Let Me Help You Help Me, London Livin' and Pink Wallpaper!


  1. Oh, this is great! I really enjoyed reading it and the photos you chose to go along with it were great.

    You Are My Sunshine is my kids' bedtime song. I swear they get sleepy when I start to sing it. Such a sweet song.

    Thanks for giving me the head's up that you did this!

  2. Nice list. Thanks for tagging, I'll get on this soon! xoxo

  3. that apple and pb looks delic!! ahh i wish i could eat that right now! and i LOVE the rainbows!


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