Sunday, May 17, 2009

Room Redo -"slight" change of plans

The "slight" change of plans is that I am moving. Staying in Charleston but moving back in with my friend Lyn on July 1. I like my neighborhood and love being 5 minutes from work but it's the right move for me right now. I will FINALLY have a fenced in backyard for the dogs, a large loft like upstairs area all to myself and will be living again with one of my best friends from growing up.

I am super excited and think that it's happening at the perfect time!

I will fill you in on more later- I am now off to a planning meeting for Grateful Golden's annual golf tournament. Keep your fingers crossed for me that they decide to let me adopt Charlie!!!

Also more to come about Snoop Dogg last night. He was AMAZING!!!!

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