Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Room Redo!

Okay...so I have decided to change rooms before my new roommate moves in. I am living in a furnished town home that someone else owns. So I feel like my bedroom should be special since it is the one thing that "belongs to me." I am BORED to tears with my old room but must make a change using little to no money as I am living on a budget like most people these days. Fortunately I love DIY projects so I am super excited! Having said that I like DIY projects - I am in no way a designer/decorator. Therefore I have challenged my poor friend Morgan to help me out. :)

What I would like for my new room:
1- no clutter - there is nothing worse than too much stuff!
2 - a desk and chair so that I can actually have a working space to make jewelry and keep everything organized - I'll have to buy a desk and fix her up
3 - maybe get rid of my tv (not so sure i can stick to this one)
4 - figure out how to have live plants in my room without my cat eating them

Not too bad right? Would have taken before pictures for you but you gotta move fast when someone offers to help move your furniture! I have to give a shout out to Cal for helping me today...thanks man!

Stay tuned for Morgan's ideas - no pressure or anything. ;)


  1. ooooo! how exciting! i love redecorating! the change always freaks me out a little at first (i am SUCH a creature of habit), but it's still so fun and new and exciting. such a great venture to take on for spring! i can't wait to see how it turns out! :)

  2. I'll definitely help! Let's connect this weekend and get a game plan together. :)

  3. hello, just found your blog - and my blog listed on it!! your blog is great. keep us posted on your room re-vamp, and good luck!


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