Wednesday, July 27, 2011

how to: planting succulents

I've always loved succulents.  In fact, I can't remember not having a least one Jade plant at all times.  I bought a tray full of succulents a couple months ago from my brother's nursery and am just now getting around to planting them.  I have only planted two of them so far but that's because I am being picky about the planters.  I want to find some unique vintage pieces for them so I will plant more as I find good homes for them.
If you want to know how to properly plant succulents read on...
First, make sure you buy catcus potting soil.  Succulents don't like to hold on to water.
And if your planter doesn't have holes to drain the water, you'll need to add pebbles or stones for the first layer.
You can then add the potting soil.  Just make sure it's a cactus potting soil or another sandy soil.
And now the succulent!  Easy peasy!

Random tid bit:  I could watch reruns of The Office every single day for the rest of my life and I would still be in stitches.  It makes me laugh so hard I think I might pee my pants.


  1. Love this Collins! I've always wanted succulents but have never had them. I need to try!

  2. I like how there are so many succulents to choose from. Oh... you would get along with my husband he loves the office! xo

  3. so helpful I just bought a couple of succulents ! I like the pots you chose :) happy Wednesday!

  4. I love love love succulents - we have a whole house full! A few of our plants didn't make the move which is really unfortunate because I treat them like family. However, buying new plants is always fun :)

  5. Haha I would be the goof who would use regular potting soil. Brown thumb right here! I'll have to try succulents out. They are certainly pretty!

  6. TOTALLY know what you mean about watching the office over and over! My favorite episode is "The injury" when Michael burns his foot. Oh man...classic stuff :)

  7. cute!

  8. I love these plants. My Mother and Grandmother have always loved these, and now because of our post, I really want one around, thx for showing me how to plant one.

  9. Ooh, I've never planted succulents before but now I'm very eager to try!!


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