Friday, July 22, 2011

soul of the south

Last night I burned cooked a frozen pizza, drank an orange Fanta and read Garden & Gun.  Are any of you southern ladies out there familiar with this magazine?  Not sure why I'm all of a sudden getting it but no complaints here.  I love it.  There is an article in this one about Trombone Shorty and he's a badass. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform during Spoleto and he blew me away.

This weekend I will be working a good bit and all of my spare time will be spent on reorganizing my desk area/work station.  I started the other night and crap is everywhere!  I will also be making some new of them a beet salad.  I didn't even know I liked beets until recently.  I'm also going to try and find a way to catch up on True Blood before Sunday.  Oh how I wish I had the good channels....
Happy weekend folks!


  1. What an interesting magazine! Quite the mash up there...gardens and guns!
    PS - congrats on winning the Shabby Apple dress giveaway!

  2. Looks like an interesting magazine. I guess I'm a southerner now so I should try and get into it!

  3. I LOVE true blood- I also think it's funny so many people I know name their dogs Suki :) I am working on the last season with netflix :)! so good.

  4. I really am intrigued. Please write more about the southerners perspective. I love that in America, we are one big "mash up", if I may borrow that from Jenna, your reader. Wonderful to be living in the land of the free.

  5. woo I love organizing haha.. does that make me weird?


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