Friday, August 28, 2009

holga or

So you all have made me want a Holga or a Diana. Right stinkin' now. I have been in UO several times in the last couple of weeks and I haven't broken down yet. Then I got a little money from my grandmother this past weekend and am deciding to treat myself. My Holga options are below...

The Holgawood Collection - Jawz - 120N

The Holgawood Collection - Yellow Brick Road - 120 N

The Holgawood Collection - Commando - 120N

Holga Holgon MF Flash

Once I buy the camera for $36.99 and then add the flash at $54.99, I might as well look at Diana instead. Or...

Holga 120 CFN - (built in flash) $46.99

But how freaking awesome are the ones at the top. Love. Okay...Diana post coming up next.

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