Saturday, August 15, 2009

hot tea anyone?

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So, I was finally feeling better yesterday and then did too much. I was up at 6:30am this morning (believe it or not) to participate in a community yard sale, ran some errands (code for shopping) in West Ashley, went to UO downtown and then lunch. I came home to "rest" and when I got up thought I might die. My throat is so swollen, I am stuffy again and I have lost my voice. WTF? How does that happen when I was feeling just fine earlier?! So, I am now missing out on drinks with friends that I haven't hung out with in a long time and I am pretty stinky about it.

On to the hot tea...

I don't like it. But wish I did. Anyone have any suggestions?
I just made some green tea but had to dump way too much honey in it just to make it tolerable.


  1. i didn't used to like it, but now i LOVE it. my favorite is peppermint tea, jasmine green or english breakfast with cream and sugar! it's so good, you'll learn to love it!

    also... white tea can cure anything, even strep throat! it's a miracle worker.

  2. Have you tried adding a little lemon and honey to it? It always soothes my throat when I'm sick. Feel better!

  3. Ugh! You have whatever I got! It's going around for sure. Feel better!

  4. Skip the tea... I always do hot apple cider (sugar free). Alpine brand is super tasty. Just add the powder to water, microwave and there is some hot goodness to soothe your throat!


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