Monday, August 17, 2009

well i was rewarded

Don't you love it when you do something good and actually get rewarded for it? Well, since I was good and stayed away from McDs last night I weighed in at WW today and I had lost another 3 lbs. Go me! Also - I decided to start with True Blood and move on to Mad Men later. I watched 2.5 episodes last night and am hoping to fly through season one so that I can finally gossip with everyone about it.

By the way, Sookie's accent might drive me insane. :)


  1. WW is going to stand for wonder woman soon! 3 lbs?!? Way to go lady!!

  2. Yay 3lbs! That's amazing. I've been doing WW for the last couple of months and it's totally paid off as well.

    I'm almost at my own personal goal!

  3. You'll get used to Sookie's voice. Don't worry. I promise you'll love!
    And WAY TO GO on the 3 lbs!!

  4. oh gawd, no. her gap is what drives me insane!


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