Friday, August 28, 2009

missing a trachea

It's just insane what we do for our pets. I broke down this past week and bought my dog a pig's ear. Seriously. She got all the way through her bath at Petco (without pooping b/c of being so nervous) so I bought her a treat. A pig's ear is a serious treat b/c that is just foul. And yes, the last time I paid someone to bathe her they called me to come back and get her b/c she pooped everywhere. Gross I know, but how said is it that she gets that nervous? And Morgan wants me to submit our adoption story to CAS as a success story - ha! She devoured the pig's ear in minutes so I bought her a new treat last night - a freaking Bull Trachea or "Moo Tube."
K Law - do not delete me. I am showing this picture before she started eating it. :)

I left the room for just a few minutes - came back and it was gone. Sick.


  1. I feel so bad that your little one gets so nervous she poos everywhere... poor thing. I think (as disgusting as they are to us) she definitely deserved her treats!!

  2. Sick!!! But at least she's cute. I can handle animals, just not people's spit and drool in their undercooked smushed pile-o-meat.


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