Monday, August 3, 2009

back on the wagon

Well, I joined WeightWatchers today. Again.
It really does work. The reason I didn't stick with it last time had nothing to do with the diet. I just got lazy.'s off to the store for me. I need to get a few things to get started but I also want to start buying organic and more natural foods. No more artificial sweetners, etc. That part is all new for me. Anyone have any suggestions??


  1. Yay! Happy for you C! Keep blogging - I've missed your updates!

  2. My mom and dad both did WW when I was growing up, so I ate lots of WW recipes as a kid, and I enjoyed them all. Their cookbook is awesome... and their frozen meals are pretty tasy too, for something quick. I'm awful about all-natural, organic stuff... but my favorite WW secret is to make cupcakes with diet soda. Buy your favorite boxed cake mix, and instead of adding the eggs/water/oil/etc, just add a can of your favorite diet soda (white soda, for white mixes, brown sodas for chocolate...) YUMMY! You'll do awesome!!


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