Wednesday, September 30, 2009

B A N A N A S!!

Tracey from The Biggest Loser is nuts!

Mistakes that she made last night...
1 - She chose to have a guaranteed weight loss of 2lbs instead of working with her trainers for the week.  DUMB.  The trainers now despise her.  And she didn't okay it with her partner first.  Poor Coach.
2 - She chose to eat 4 cupcakes to win the "challenge" and pick which one from each team whose weight loss would count in the end of the episode.  Poor Coach again.
3 - She ticked off every single person on the show

Once again - poor Coach.  Sorry you got stuck with a cupcake eating beeotch for a partner.

Tracey - Quit Crying!  And a tip for you - nobody pulls for the mean person!


  1. I. HATE. HER. So annoying and such a drama queen. She needs to go. ASAP.

  2. i have a bit of hatred for her also!! if that were me, i'd have to talk things over with my partner. the whole point is to LOSE WEIGHT! why on earth would she give up a week with the trainers AND eat 10 pounds of cupcakes!? i mean, come on! she got VERY lucky at the weigh-in! but, her luck will run out soon.

  3. PAhaha!! Jon and I watched this last night and yes I don't know how many times I said she was CRAZY! omg poor Mo! I can't believe she lost 11 pounds!!!!!!

    And I'm glad your internet sluething didn't show my new blog. Kinda the reason I had to get rid of the old one and start over! :) I only want family/bloggy friends to find it, not say-clients or work related ppl.

  4. OMG! i was getting so angry each time they showed her. what the h3ll! grrrr. she could be going home soon though. looks like she gets hurt and cannot work out.

  5. UGH, i was so frustrated with that lady!!
    loving this show though, it's my first season watching and i'm addicted ;)


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