Thursday, September 24, 2009

their boots were made for walkin'

Seriously?  Why do they do this to me?

I need the middle ones.  Unfortunately, Anthropologie doesn't fit into my budget.  But a girl can dream...and drool.


  1. I like your blog AND you have excellent taste! You deserve a gold star! I LURVE those boots! Where, oh where, can I find them!? Or, at least a pair that LOOKS like them!

  2. Every pair is simply perfect. When do they go on sale?????

  3. Ah I have the very same compliant with Anthro. There stuff literally makes me tear up it's so pretty, but I can't afford it!

  4. I've been online shopping for the past few days for fall attire. Oh, the damage I could do with an Amex Black.

    Check out Urban Outfitters. They have some faux leather boots that are surprisingly cute!


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