Friday, October 23, 2009

angels and demons

I babysat this angel last night..

Who had a demon cat...

(and this wasn't the half of the scratches)
And I started this book...

I know I am little behind at reading this and think it's going to be a tough one to get through.  For some reason old people make me cry.  And animals.  Hmmm...
Couldn't resist posting this picture that I just found...


  1. Water for Elephants is AMAZING!

  2. I had trouble getting through this book too. It was good, but not what I expected so it took me a while. Happy reading!

  3. such a good book! i started it and never finished. i do that a lot though. i should also be doing schoolwork but am i?

    so sorry about your scratches. make sure to medicate!

  4. I want a pet monkey because of that last pic... I imagine us reading together each night... does that make me really odd?

  5. I loved Water For Elephants. I read it a year or two ago and couldn't put it down. It's different, but entertaining. Enjoy!


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