Thursday, October 15, 2009

dear tivo

Dearest Tivo,
I miss you.
So much.
I know that I abandoned you a while back b/c of wild thoughts of "saving money" and I am sorry for that.
But now - I need you back.
I am so far behind on all of my shows that I just feel overwhelmed.
I have NO idea what has happened on One Tree Hill.  Is Brooke still dating that hot guy?  What about 90210?  What about Brothers and Sisters?  And that new vampire show?  Can't even imagine what all I have missed on Grey's Anatomy.  Thank goodness ER is over with.
Please come back.
And hook yourself up for me too.  I hate cords.
Collins (your poorest but biggest fan)


  1. Ha ha ha! I know how you feel! I'd DIE, prolly literally, if I didn't know what Meredith or Izzie were whining about each week. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh sister. You need your DVR back. Well worth the money. I'd cut out lunch everyday to keep my DVR. :)

  3. I do not have DVR (as I am also trying to save money), and Hulu seems to be my new BFF. FREE viewing of all my favorite shows... FREE. Love it.

  4. i feel your pain. we finally have it again. i love it.

  5. DVR is only 4 bucks extra a month. Option?

  6. Well, it is for our area anyway. I would give up a latte to be able to watch The Office over and over again. Ah ha

  7. oh no!! :( its ok!!! :) you'll get it back soon, I am sure :)


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