Wednesday, October 14, 2009

if you could...

If you could open this pink door right now - what would you want to see on the other side?

The weather in Charleston is just the pits today.  No other way to describe it.  It's raining cats and dogs.  And for some reason people CANNOT drive in the rain.  So forget about getting out and about b/c traffic is horrible.  And work is not the place to be stuck right now.  Bad attitudes and morale all around.  I've just about had it and I tell ya - I wish I could open this pretty pink door right now to...
- a new job
- a pile of money
 - a haircut and massage
- a candy apple
- a room of all my best friends with drinks in hand
- a shopping spree
- a ticket to London to visit Sandy
- a family with no issues
- a good dinner with Jenny and her boys
- a checked off to-do list
- a pumpkin carving kit

How about you?


  1. Just look at this pink door makes me happy. But if I were to open it, I would want to see; a license to practice law (so I can just quit this whole school and homework thing), a pile of money, some new clothes, a personal stylist willing to help me get ready each morning, a new puppy, and personal chef. That's not asking for too much, right??

  2. All of the above sounds wonderful to me too! Plus Ryan Reynolds, of course. That'd be the kicker.

  3. Oh wow you had great picks! I totally agree with you on a pile of money! Sounds like the best thing right around now.

  4. a family with no issues...does that exist?

    your list is good but i would add a LOT more money which would satisfy my material needs.

  5. i wish i could open that door and have a clean inspection for our house!


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