Monday, October 5, 2009

just a glimpse

I had a pretty busy weekend.  Both of my brothers were in town and we spent a good bit of time on the boat and hanging out on Capers Island.  I will send out updates soon, as I have some funny stories to go along with the pics.  For is a glimpse.

Pictures taken with a camera that a friend let me borrow.  It's an old Pentax manual and it's really nice.  I had NO idea what I was doing with it but I was pretty happy with the way the pictures turned out. :)


  1. Love your new header.... so pretty! And these pics look great. Your pup looks so happy to be laying in the sand!

  2. Um, I can't leave a comment on your new post but I about fell out when I looked in my blog roll and saw Gus Gus!!!! He's famous! :)


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