Tuesday, October 13, 2009

making a list - checking it twice

I used to be a list person.  I am a little thankful that I no longer have to make lists for everything b/c it means my OCD has faded a tad bit (ha!) but at the same time, I don't seem to get as much done without them.  Go figure. 
I have bought the following journals, dayplanners, etc over the years and not used one of them.

Tonight was list night.  I have been making my lists and watching The Office Season 1.  It's pretty hard to concentrate on anything while watching this show.  Insanely inappropriate.  Love it!


  1. my name is butterbean, and i, too, am a list maker. i just have REALLY bad ocd... i mean, like my parents may or may not have thought about putting me in the mad house when i was younger! ok, off subject of this post, thank you so much for the award!!! i've been without internet for almost a week, so i haven't been able to thank you! i will be posting tomorrow with a big ol' thank you to you and i will pass on the love! can i give it back to you? cause i LURVE your blog! (specially all the cute pics!) thanks again!

  2. I also make lists. Lots of lists. So much so that I carry a notebook in my handbag just in case.

    The office? LOVES it. Literally want to marry Jim. le sigh.


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