Tuesday, October 6, 2009

weekend recap - saturday

First of all let me apologize b/c I did tell you that funny stories were coming along with my weekend pictures, but I have decided against posting most of them.  I have shared this blog with family members and should probably keep some of the stories to myself.  What happens at Capers Island stays on Capers Island.  :)

My oldest brother Jimmy picked me and my friend Amy up at the landing around lunch time to go hang out on Capers Island.

The first mishap was when Maddie jumped out of the boat - while it was going.  This was Maddie's first time in a boat and proved to be a little overwhelming.  Yes I did have a leash on her and I was holding onto her but anyone who knows me knows that I don't pay attention.  I heard a boat full of about 6 guys laughing hysterically and it was then that I noticed Maddie had jumped out.  I am also not good under pressure so I panicked and did not let go of the leash.  Now poor Maddie had the wildest eyes I have ever seen and was dragging beside the boat by the leash.  Thank goodness we were still in the no wake zone so we weren't going fast enough for her to get hurt.  However - I did not have a change of clothes and I was now soaking wet.

Second mishap - my friend Amy got on a jet ski with a friend of Jimmy's.  She made sure to tell him that she did not have a change of clothes so she didn't want to get wet.  She was dumped off.  Soaking wet.

Third mishap - we made the mistake of leaving all the drunkards to walk around the island.  We weren't gone 10 minutes.  Came back to no boat, no jet skis and no people.  Also came back to our chairs in the water and Amy's bag practically floating in the water, with her phone and camera inside.  Her camera now displayed nothing but sand in the LCD.

The craziest looking fish I have seen yet...
9 lb Sheepshead caught that morning 

All in all we had a great time...just a long day!



  1. I can't believe Maddie jumped off the boat!!! So glad she's okay!! Sounds like something my parents dog would do...

  2. That fish is errie! And poor little pup and friends!

  3. Aw, poor Maddie! If you check out my post for today, you can read a funny story about my dog... and see that I gave you an award!

    ~ Jen

  4. that fish is FREAKY looking!!! why does it look to have human teeth????


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