Tuesday, October 6, 2009

weekend recap - friday

I had a vacation day on Friday.  It used to be that I took vacation days and went out of town for something special.  Instead, I cleaned the house and ran errands.  And the crazy thing is - I loved every second of it!

I was also taking care of Gussie for Morgan while she was at ACL.  How cute is he??

I finally went by the antique store where I had a credit to pick something out.  I decided on the tiles below and LOVE them. 

I am not crazy about where they are yet.  Maybe they need to come down a little more?  I would like to hang them like a headboard but they aren't quite big enough to match the width of the bed.  Suggestions or ideas?


  1. So I talked to Gus this morning and he said next time you take a picture, he would appreciate you take it from his good side - which is his right. :)


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