Wednesday, October 7, 2009

weekend recap - sunday

We had better luck on Sunday so no long stories this time!

I learned something new.  We had to go out and catch our own fiddler crabs for bait and let me tell you...those little suckers can pinch!  We didn't catch our limit (needless to say) but it was fun all the same.  :)

Maddie had a great time once again but rolled in something dead before we left.  OMG - it was horrendous.  Seriously.  There is no way to explain how bad she smelled.  I actually thought about leaving her there.

Had some more fun playing with the camera.  I took three rolls of film in two days.  Unfortunately, one of the rolls was split which was a total bummer.  Digital cameras are fantastic but it really was fun to take these pictures and then get surprised by them all when I picked them up.  :)


  1. your weekend was full of interesting things!! i meant to comment yesterday, but my internet broke a leg while i was reading your post. i wound up on the phone with the emt's at at&t. anywhozit, the thing about Maddie jumping off and you holding on to her leash?? he-larious!! i'm sure it was traumatic for her, but i couldn't help but laugh when i pictured it in my head! btw, hope she's ok! oh, and the pic of the guy in my post from yesterday is my hubby... ok, not really, but i'm hoping one day we'll run off together. his name is carmine giovinazzo, he plays on csi:ny. he makes my REAL hubby jealous...

  2. Seriously, can I come with next time? This sounds like a fabulous weekend!

  3. looks like fun times. maddie is adorable!!!


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